11 Skills That Impress Women

Skills That Impress Women

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Did you think that only having a sense of humor and dressing up nicely is all it takes to make your woman swoon over you? If yes, then, you are wrong. Impressing women takes much more effort than that! Read on to find out about the skills that you can win your woman over with.

1. Being multilingual

The only reason why women like men who speak foreign languages is because it sounds exotic. Being multilingual makes a man’s personality look more in depth and dimension. Knowing a foreign language can make you stand out because it is a unique skill. Also, note that a woman will always like to have a boyfriend whose skills she can flaunt in front of her friends.

2. Everyday skills

Every woman needs a man who can solve minor household issues like plumbing, fixing broken equipment, replacing a bulb or de-clogging the drainage. If you can solve these types of handyman chores in a jiffy, it may be easy for you to awe a woman.

3. Being able to look through minor automobile issues

Wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity to play messiah by fixing a woman’s broken down car in the middle of a rainy night? Even if chances for you to be in such an ideal situation may be rare, your automobile repairing skills will come handy when your woman is in need of an urgent car fix.

4. Sports and athletics

Women would love to see their men flex some muscle and show panache by playing sports, doing athletics or sweating it out on a field. You could easily impress a woman by playing golf, taking strong and graceful strides in the pool, riding a horse or with some killer workout moves.

5. Parallel parking

Believe it or not, a woman can judge a lot about your personality by the way you park your car. Being able to squeeze your car into a tiny spot with a single swivel or being able to park your car in a smooth swing without even looking at the rear view mirror are serious skills which you can use to impress a woman.

6. Sophisticated etiquette

If you think that opening the door for a woman or saying ‘after you’ or ‘ladies first’ is a thing of the past, you are terribly wrong. Women love getting wooed by such classic acts of chivalry and etiquette. Even if you are on a date with your girlfriend at a local burger joint, try pulling the chair for her to sit and watch the pleasantly surprised look on her face.

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