11 Skills That Impress Women

7. Dancing

Groovy moves on the dance floor are bound to impress your woman. You don’t need to be an expert dancer, but if you can shake a leg with your woman it may be hard for her to resist you. A salsa jig, a ballroom swing or a samba step – any dancing skill can impress a woman in a jiffy.

8. Playing the guitar

Strumming the guitar with a cool leather jacket has been the standard recipe for many guys to impress girls in college. Irrespective of age, a fiddle in a man’s hand and some melodic tunes in the air have the potential to make a woman go weak in her knees.

9. Cooking occasionally

Women love looking at men in aprons and a chef’s hat occasionally. Cooking is a skill with which you can not only impress a woman but also her family. If you can whip out a few simple dishes with panache, your woman may never feel the need to look beyond you.

10. Being able to entertain

Women would love their partners to go head to head with them to entertain guests during a party. It’s not every man’s cup of tea to be a good conversationalist or mingle with all types of people. So if you have decent entertaining skills, you can win brownie points with a woman.

11. Skills of dealing with a child

You don’t have to become a father to learn how to deal with a toddler. If you have a natural knack of dealing with small kids, it will melt a woman’s heart in a matter of minutes because she will instantly see paternal instincts in you.

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