13 Things To Remember While Dating A Girl

13 Things To Remember While Dating A Girl

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A perfect date is not a myth! Many men often find it unnerving and difficult to go through dates and for fear of embarrassing themselves and creating a negative impression especially when they are falling in love with the girl. So, if you are planning to go out on a date with a girl, here are some things you got to remember.

1. She is as human as you are. Stay confident cool. You neither have to treat her like a goddess nor pretend to ignore her.

2. Try to engage in a casual conversation. Don’t attempt to talk about things you aren’t too sure of. Also, refrain from talking about yourself and making tall claims.

3. Be an active listener. Show interest in her likes and opinions. Pitch in to substantiate and appreciate.

4. This is the best time to demonstrate your chivalry. Open doors for her, pull out a chair for her, hold her hand, show that you care and respect for women and live up to it. These are little things but big things on a woman’s priority list.

5. It’s just the first date; so hold your reins. Casual touches are beautiful and a woman will enjoy them but don’t get hasty and hurried.

6. Don’t expect her to trust you. Most men commit the mistake of assuming that a girl on the first date is just going to trust you and believe all you say. But, instead, a girl with head on her shoulders is going to be on guard and follow her instincts.

7. Talking too much or a lot of silence. They are both bad. Stay away from both extremes. Too much silence is going to make her uncomfortable and talking too much is going to make her want that you plug it.

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