11 Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage

Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage

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So you’ve touched adulthood and before you know it, your near ones and even your girlfriend feels that wedding bells should ring soon. But, are you ready to take the plunge? Read on for the top signs that you are not ready for marriage as yet:

1. You have a tendency to postpone things

Be it something as simple as shopping with your girlfriend, you tend to pass it on for the future. In simple words, you run away from responsibility. If negligence is in your blood, then marriage is not for you.

You have not committed to your girlfriend as yet

Your relationship has reached a very intimate level, but the moment your girlfriend screams marriage, you get turned off. Remember, the fact that you have still not committed to your girlfriend shows that you do not see her as your future wife.

3. You don’t believe in the concept of marriage

The idea of tying the knot grosses you out. You feel it’s an unnecessary investment with no gain. Moreover, you can never imagine that you’ll ever be able to devote an entire life to a single woman.

L4. You have a mountain of debt behind you

Spare the girl, please. Your life is in a complete mess. So make sure you clear all your financial vows before letting a new girl into your sinking ship.

5. You feel parental pressure

You should be marrying a person because you love him or her and not because your parents are forcing you to do so. Remember, it’s not just your life in question, but a girl’s life is at stake too. If you are feeling pressured, trust your instincts and explain the situation to your parents clearly.

6. You don’t get the urge

Marriage is a beautiful relationship and if you believe in this notion, only then are you ready for commitment. You need to get butterflies in the stomach thinking of a beautiful wife and your life thereafter, which will ultimately get you into the nuptial mood. If you don’t experience such feelings, then marriage can wait.

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