Really Romantic Ways To Propose To Her

Really Romantic Ways To Propose To Her

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If you are going to propose your beloved, then make it all the more special for her. There are many romantic ways to propose, just do something which would make her feel extra special. You would definitely melt her heart in a special way. Listed are some really romantic ways to propose her, read on.

1. First date magic

First date is always memorable be it for her or you. Why don’t you create a first date set up to propose her? A set up exactly similar as your first date, same place and the same time! And, well at least you can wear the same color. Just make her feel special and she would melt with your thought. Propose her by giving her a beautiful ring by going down on your knees. This would be perfectly romantic!

2. Try sky writing

If you have no problem in spending, then do try sky writing. Tell the pilot to write your message in the sky. Take your girl to a special place and don’t forget to blind fold her. When your message is in the air, simply open her eyes and let her read the same. She would be bowled away by this gesture of yours; expect an instant yes from her side.

3. Outdoor setting

To make this more romantic, simply plan for an outdoor event! Like, the night picnic with just the two of you. Amidst sky gazing, simply ask her that will she marry you? Also, gift her a ring along with personalized message. Also, plan something in the middle of the sea. Like a boat set up would be romantic for your proposal. This would make her feel so loved.

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