7 Most Popular Games For Your Smart Phone

7 Most Popular Games For Your Smart Phone

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Are you a gaming addict? Then you must know about all the popular games in the play store. Just download the games you love and play different exciting levels. This would be fun if you play the games that are fun yet engaging. So, listed are some most popular games for your smart phone. Read on to know more.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you like playing car racing games, then add this one to your list. The best thing about Asphalt is the graphics that blow your mind away. The different levels are quite engaging. And, the sound effect of the game is also awesome. So, download the new version of this game, if you don’t have it yet. It is available for free from the play store.

2. Clash of clans

Yet another different and fun game to download from the play store! The real time effect of the game makes it quite interesting to play. You need to build your village and protect it from the raiders who would raid the same. It’s a fun game and the graphics are mind blowing. You will have fun playing this game for sure. It’s available for free from the play store.

3. Dead trigger 2

Want to have some scary fun with the zombies and the dead, then you must download this game for sure. What is interesting in the game, is the story format and all the characters. The sound of the game is really scary yet fun. If you enjoy playing scary games, then this one is for you. Just download it from the play store for free.

4. Fifa 15

Ok, if you are one big football fanatic, then you must have this game on your Smartphone as well. The Fifa 15 is an ultimate game with some mind blowing graphics. Choose your team and play matches that you love. The real time graphics of the game would surely excite you in every level that you play. So, download this from the play store for free.

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