How To Talk To Your Crush

How To Talk To Your Crush

Talking to a crush can sometimes seem as difficult and challenging as going to a warfront! Most of the time, you are scared that you will end up saying something stupid, which will put off your crush and will make her feel that you’re a dumb or creepy guy.

But then what do you do? Do you just keep waiting all your life, hoping that some magic or miracle will make her talk to you on her own? Do you remain shy and scared all your life? Well, while it’s understandable that nobody likes a ‘No’ for an answer, especially from their crush, you will never really get to know what’s on her mind until and unless you actually strike a conversation with her.

So here are a few tips on how to talk to your crush. Follow these, and hopefully you won’t find this task as dangerous and scary as you think it is!

1. Start Casually

You don’t want to sound like a creepy fellow who just made the crush a little too evident. So start casually by striking a small conversation about something completely ordinary. Weather? Could be a good choice, even though it’s really clichéd.

2. Control the Excitement

Yes, there is a certain amount of thrill and joy that you experience when your crush is actually involved in a conversation with you. But while doing that, don’t get too excited. Don’t make your heartbeat sounds so evident by talking fast and excitedly, and jumping from one topic to the other. Otherwise she’ll easily get creeped out.

3. Know More About Her

A good way to talk to your crush is to make small talk and get to know her better. However, don’t just keep stalking her and then start a conversation by telling her where you spotted her in what dress at what time! Just know the right amount of details, and bring them in casually during small conversations.

4. Express Your Interest Indirectly

That basically means that you don’t go and tell her that you love her or want to date her in the first few interactions. If you do that, she will definitely think you are crazy! So express your interest by indirectly asking her if she is doing well or if everything is okay with her. Look for opportunities where you can ask her if she needs help or if you could help her with a cup of coffee etc. Don’t overdo it, however.

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