How To Make My Parents Proud Of Me

4. Consider Their Opinions Always

When taking major life decisions, always take their opinions. You may not necessarily agree with their thoughts, but just the fact that you are at least giving them the honor of presenting their opinions in front of you means a lot to them. Moreover, taking their opinions means that you have one more dimension and perspective to look at on various things, and that’s always helpful to take proper decisions. So while you may want to lead an individual life with your own rules, consider their opinions once in a while for the sake of their experience and expertise on certain aspects of life.

5. Respect Them

Don’t think of them as people beneath you. Some parents are slightly conservative and old-fashioned, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad people. They have, at the end of the day, given birth to you and done everything possible to bring you up. The least you can do in return is to respect them, speak nicely to them, take care of them, and give them the feeling that they are important to you, and not just a piece of furniture in your life.

So you see, it’s actually not that difficult to do things that make your parents proud of you. It’s all about being a good human being and taking care of them. It’s about giving back to them what they have given you for all these years – love, comfort, affection, a sense of belongingness and so much more.

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