How To Impress Married Woman

How To Impress Married Woman

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There are certain limitations in mind when you think about married women. Should you impress someone whose already married? Should you bridge that gap and move forward? Well, to start a healthy friendship, it is important to start somewhere. Listed are some ways to impress married women. Read the post below to know more.

1. Go slow on your approach

It’s a different thing with married women. You can’t simply approach them or tell them ‘Hi’. If you like a particular married woman, befriend her in a casual way. Like, talk about general topics in life. Once she feels comfortable in your company, simply ask her out for a cup of coffee. Ask her out as a friend, so that she feels comfortable in your company.

2. Send good text messages

You need to be careful regarding this. Send her lots of messages but again in a friendly tone. Don’t send messages that would make her embarrass or would land her in trouble. Send special messages that can be funny or positive. Also, when you call her, do take note of the time you call. She would really be impressed by you.

3. Compliment her

Don’t go overboard with your compliments. Remember, she is already married. Don’t tell her that she looks amazingly sexy or she has a hot body. That would make you sound cheesy. Compliment in a very subtle manner. Like, tell her that she has got beautiful eyes. Or, she has a beautiful and charming face. This would surely make her melt.

4. Flirt with her casually

Flirt in a very casual tone. Tell her that she looks nice in the dress she is wearing and she should wear the color too often. This is a softer tone. Also, keep a patient ear while talking to her. She would get impressed by you if you make an effort to listen to her. The conversation should be around her and her ways, this will make a difference.

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