How To Be The Most Smart Guy Of Your Office

How To Be The Most Smart Guy Of Your Office

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Each one of us secretly wishes to be the smartest guy at office. Being acknowledged the smartest has too many perks including earning good reputation, quick promotions, grabbing attention of female co-workers, being looked upon for suggestions and many more. So, here are some quick tips to become the smartest guy of your office.

1. Speak up and do it with confidence. You may have a better idea than what your colleague just said but if you are not going to put words to your thoughts; there is no way you are going to appear smarter.

2. Talk less and if that sounds contradictory to what was said in point 1; you should try and figure out the difference. Talking in precise terms and conveying what you want to convey as quickly as possible is how you can drive home a message to your audience. Short messages always capture attention; long drawn speeches seldom establish the connection.

3. Grooming is a mandatory element of looking smarter. You may want to dress in every day casuals but if you want people to consider you iconic; you don’t have to be dressed to the nines but make sure you clean up well and dressed neatly. Add some smart looking pieces to your wardrobe.

4. Talk and present only what you know well. Do not contradict others’ opinions when you aren’t completely knowledgeable on the subject. For you to look smart; you ought to acknowledge smartness in a fellow worker at work.

5. Get your mind moving and keep it positively engaged. Reading, listening, observing, thinking and sharing are some the ways in which you can engage your mind to its fullest creative extent. Indulging in just one of all mentioned above does not exercise your mind enough. Multiple sources of knowledge is crucial.

6. Believe you are smart and can be smarter. Belief is the first step to positive reinforcement.

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