8 Signs You are Unhappy with Your Present Job

8 Signs You are Unhappy with Your Present Job

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If Mondays are seeming darker and Fridays brighter, chances are good that you are unhappy with your current job. It can be hard to pin down the exact reason or even accept the fact that it is your job that’s causing the trouble and not anything else. Read on to know if your current job is sucking the life out of you:

1. You keep a tab on the clock right from the start of the day till the end

You are so bored and tired of your present work that you can’t help but look at the clock time and again to see if the happy hours have come.

2. Every morning you feel like hitting your head on the wall

A happy worker may experience one or two days of boredom, but when it becomes a regular scenario, your instinct is definitely telling you something.

3. You have stopped enjoying your work

The same job profile that persuaded you to accept it has now become dull. You don’t have the enthusiasm to give your best, as you simply don’t enjoy your work anymore.

4. You can’t adhere to the company’s culture

You cannot stand the fact that your company supports people staying back for work. This holds true for any kind of culture the company has been following in terms of the attire, the criteria for promotions and so on.

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