8 Myths About Women Busted

8 Myths About Women Busted

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Whether you think you know women or you feel all at sea when dealing with them, one fact that all men will agree to is that they are complicated and mysterious creatures. They themselves don’t know what they want, so how they expect men to know it is a mystery. However, we will make you know them a little better by debunking popular myths surrounding them.

1. Women are less aggressive than men

Most myths about women are actually societal. It’s because of years of conditioning and living in a conservative, patriarchal society that men have made these assumptions about women and spread the word. You will see that in today’s world where women are much more liberated, they are also more man-like. In every species, it’s the female who is more dominant and aggressive. That’s true in humans as well. It’s just that they prefer to suppress this side by becoming catty and nagging in nature.

2. Women are less promiscuous than men

Again a societal myth to make women look like demure virgins. Women can be as promiscuous as men, but if they are, then they will be branded as sluts and not glorified like Casanovas. Men will never commit to a girl who has had a promiscuous past, and hence, her chances are bleak if she wants to settle in the future. Hence, she does not indulge much in such behavior, not because she doesn’t feel like sleeping with men.

3. Women are possessive and clingy

Since it’s mainly male-dominated world, men get away with making sexist jokes about how clingy their women are. In reality, more often than not, it is the other way round as men who are serious about their girls are far more possessive and clingy than girls would ever be. But to show their macho, devil may care a damn attitude; men tell other men how women are after them and not the other way round.

4. Women dress up to impress men

No. Women dress up to feel good about themselves and to show other women how fashionable and pretty they can look. When women have to meet other women, they will be very primly dressed, however, if they are meeting a bunch of men they will be more casually dressed. This is because she knows that men’s attention will anyway be on her by virtue of her being the only woman among them and there’s no other woman to judge her fashion sense. When you reverse the genders, men will actually take an effort to dress up when meeting a bunch of women while they will be very casual with their male buddies.

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