7 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

7 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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People get it all wrong in life. In order to look good, they put in great efforts on their outer appearance while neglecting the damage they may be doing to the inner system of their body. It is only when middle age arrives that people get conscious about the damage they already did to their heart. If you do not want to be counted among such people, it would be best to follow these points.

1.Stay away from fried foods

The most common cause for heart diseases and cardiac arrests is the consumption of high fat oily fried foods. Saturated and trans fat are the culprits responsible for unhealthy hearts, so stay away from fast food, bakery items, red meat, margarine and packaged snacks.

2. Exercise at least 4-5 times a week

There is no point maintaining a good diet if it’s not supplemented by regular exercise. A fit body leads to a fit mind and heart, and one should exercise for at least an hour, 4-5 times in a week. Obesity leads to cardiovascular diseases and even death, so keep your weight in check through workouts.

3. Keep yourself worry free

Even the most healthy people are known to fall victims to heart attacks owing to too much stress. As soon as you feel stress or frustration creeping in, do something that makes you happy and keep calm. Lead a worry free life as much as possible.

4. Take a break time and again

Stress builds up over time and shows its side effects with incidents of cardiac arrests and hypertension. Take a break from work time and again, say once in 2 months or so. Go for a holiday or just relax at home and do things that make you happy. Happy minds and hearts are usually healthy minds and hearts.

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