7 Signs Your Wife Has Lost Interest in You

7 Signs Your Wife Has Lost Interest in You

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A relationship is meant to be happy. But sometimes, both parties involved in a relationship do not think in the same way, or do not share the same vibration, which brings about differences between them. If your partner has begun to feel that she is no longer interested in you, or has started contemplating a separation, you should be aware of it than allow it to come as a blow to you. What you do about it is another subject altogether, but first you should be able to tell that she is now diverging. Listed here are the top 7 signs that your wife has lost interest in you:

1. She is not interested in your whereabouts

Your wife no longer asks you about your day or questions if you are late. She appears to have given up on checking on you from time to time. She does not call you or text you anymore during the day asking you where you are or what you are doing. If such is the case, it could be a sign that she is losing interest in the relationship.

2. She criticizes you a lot

She has suddenly become too critical of you. She now feels everything about you is not right in some way or the other. She does this even when there is no reason or trigger. Her sudden critical nature could be a sign that she is no longer interested in you.

3. She complains too much

She complains too much about how everything around her and in her life is not right. She suddenly seems to have become bored of the marriage and seeks new things in life and has thus begun complaining about everything because they are not in tandem with what she now desires. It is a sign that she wants to move on.

4. She is no longer romantic

She is no longer her romantic self. She either pulls away or pushes you away from her whenever you want to get romantic or intimate. She uses lame excuses like boredom or sleepiness and does not seek your affection anymore. It could be a sign she is losing interest in you.

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