7 Signs of a Memorable First Date

7 Signs of a Memorable First Date

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1. Most of the time the two of you couldn’t help but smile.

This is a surefire sign. People happy to be in the company of each other need no particular reason to smile.

2. Your date went on without any sort of interference

Was the lady talking to you all along or her cellphone beeps were far from going unnoticed? The former means that you certainly did have the time of your life and the latter means, you know what.

3. Both of you were regularly stealing glances at each other

This is a good sign. Eye contact can be one of the biggest giveaways.

4. Your tactile expressions were welcomed

This aspect can be evident right from the time both of you landed at the same place and at the same time. Your date was quite memorable if the girl held on to your hand if you happened to touch it. If she initiated things, then that’s even better.

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