7 Fashion Tips for Every Occasion

7 Fashion Tips for Every Occasion

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You may hate to get dressed up and feel that it is your comfort that is paramount than being dressed up, but the sad truth is that clothes do maketh a man. You may not do it yourself but people judge you based on how you appear in front of them. AS much as it is important to be comfortable, it is equally important to also be presentable. First impressions are based on how you present yourself and are not about the other person finding out how great you are inside. The best thing to go about it finding the right balance between comfort and style and here are a few fashion tips to help you stay comfortable.

1. Always polish your formal shoes

Even if you do not wear them very often and have to dig in your closet to find them, make sure that when you wear them that you polish them well. Also make sure that the laces match and are not in a different color to your shoes and are as good as your shoes. Frayed laces can make your shoes look old and ugly.

2. Make sure your clothes are pressed

Crumpled clothes may look fashionable on the runway or on teenagers, but it is definitely a no no for a normal day. Your clothes may not be too stylish, but if they are clean and well pressed, people will definitely notice that you have taken care to get dressed up.

3. Groom your hair well

Long hair or short hair, groom it well. Shampooing and conditioning your hair everyday might seem to be too much to do, but it always helps you in the longer run. As for the short term benefits, good hair get s you loads of attention and also respect in the workplace.

4. Try to know the dress code for a party or a formal occasion

If you do not know the dress code, always wear something neutral like slacks or a shirt and carry another set of clothes in your bag or keep them in the car so you can change when you need to.

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