6 Tips to Impress a Girl at First Sight

Tips to Impress a Girl at First Sight

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What do you think it takes to impress a girl at first sight? Is it your looks or is it your personality? Is it the way you smile or the way you dress? Read on to find out.

1. Wear clothes that you are comfortable wearing

There is no point in wearing clothes that you are uncomfortable in, just for the sake of fashion. Whether it is the style of your denim or the fit of your shirt, wear clothes that don’t leave you stiff and uncomfortable. Carrying off clothes you wear is more important than the type of clothes you wear.

2. Let your body language do the talking

To impress a girl at first sight, you will need to let your body language do the talking. Let confidence ooze from the way you sit, stand and walk. Make it a point to carry a straight back and avoid slouching. Be aware and try to control the movement of your hands and feet to avoid twitching unnecessarily. The girl needs to see a confident man inside you, not a jittery and nervous fellow.

3. Look into her eyes

You won’t be able to impress a girl if she doesn’t know that you are looking at her. Make your attempts subtle yet obvious by looking into her eyes when she is looking towards you. Keep your sight straight and don’t take your eyes away if she looks back. When you lock gazes, judge the situation and decide if you want to keep gazing, let out a smile or walk over and say hi.

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