5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

5 Ways  to Stay Healthy at Work

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Spending about 40 hours every week at work does not only cause mental strain but also physical strain. Sitting or standing behind the same desk or at the same place for prolonged periods can cause several adverse effects on your health. The food from cafeteria and vending machines also contribute to weight gain and rise in cholesterol levels. Thankfully, experts have come out with several solutions which will help you stay healthy even at work. Here are 5 such ways.

1. Walk your way

If your workplace isn’t too far from your residence, try to wake up a little earlier in the morning and walk to work. If your workplace is really very far, park your car as far as possible from the office building. If you’re taking public transport, get off one stop ahead. Walking is the best way to start your day. Also, when inside the building, use stairs instead of elevators.

2. Have your snack ready

People tend to get hungry when they work, and that is exactly why vending machines are installed in almost every office. But the snacks from these machines only add on to your cholesterol levels. Hence, keep a packet of nuts or a few fresh fruits such as guava or apple in your bag, and when you feel hungry, you will have your healthy snack with you.

3. Surf the web

You may wonder how can surfing the web help you when you’re already spending all your time on the computer! Well, research has found the employees who take time to surf the web during the breaks feel rejuvenated and produce better output. Surfing the web helps to reduce exhaustion and makes one more effective in doing other tasks.

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