15 Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad Habit

15 Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad Habit

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There are several warnings on smoking that are getting increasing visibility with each passing day and there are strong reasons supporting the claims. Smoking has a number of serious supporting reasons by active smokers but every reason meets its death with what smoking does to you and your body. Here are strong reasons why smoking is a bad habit and why you should have quit it long ago.

1. Smoking is a direct contributor to lung cancer. And lung cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer among men and women in the US.
2. cis just one toxic ingredient amongst the several hazardous ones in a cigarette.
3. Smoking brings down your stamina levels, increases blood pressure as well as your heart rates.
4. Smoking narrows blood vessels, decreases circulation and puts the smoker in high risk zone of peripheral vascular disease.
5. Smoking has known to cause several breathing problems, stomach ulcers and acid reflux troubles.
6. The habit has been proven to increase risk of stillbirth in pregnant women, infertility and sudden infant death syndrome.
7. Low bone density is a problem common in most women above the age of 40 and smoking increases multiplies the percentage of problem in women.
8. Besides lung cancer, smokers are specifically vulnerable to other kinds of cancer such as cancers of the bladder, kidney, mouth, esophagus, throat, stomach, cervical, bowel, pancreas, ovarian and breasts.
9. Carbon monoxide is the active ingredient in tobacco and is the same gas released by automobiles. This poisonous gas is easily absorbed in your bloodstream and is responsible for decreased heart and muscle function. Dizziness and exhaustion are the direct side effects of inhaled carbon monoxide.
10. Tar is yet another significant ingredient in tobacco. 70 percent of tar is retained in the lungs of every smoker and what it can do to his or her lungs and body is only obvious.
11. It dries up your skin considerably and makes you look years older than you really are. If you are 30, you will easily look above 40 if you are a chain smoker.
12. Smoking makes you vulnerable to colds and flu and can cause bronchitis.
13. Smoking is not just harmful to the smoker but to people around him as well. It affects the children tremendously and passive smoking creates more trouble in terms of the all of the above side effects of smoking.
14. Smoking reduces respiratory efficiency tremendously. When your brain does not receive enough oxygen, you continue to live in a state of half sleep. This is imminent even when you are not smoking.
15. Smoking is no solution to problems. Many individuals think smoking relieves them off their tension. But at the end of it, your problem exists and you add another one to your health.

Studies have shown that smoking causes more deaths every year than alcohol, HIV, drug use, suicides and accidents combined. Staying away from smoking is the best thing to do but if you have developed a habit of smoking; make sure you engage in activities and steps to quit the habit.

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