10 Ways to Show a Girl You Are Interested in Her

If you are attracted to a girl, it is natural for you to feel like expressing it to her at some point. Take some tips on how you can subtly let a girl know that you are interested in her without making it too obvious or leaving her red faced.

1. Make eye contact and greet her warmly

If you want to send a girl a signal that you are interested in her, greet her extra warmly when you see her. Make a lot of eye contact with her and let your voice carry a cheery bounce. She should know that you are very happy to see her.

2. Introduce yourself uniquely

If you don’t know your crush too well yet, you may have an opportunity to introduce yourself to her and make an impression. Don’t let your introduction be as bland as saying hello and following it up with your name. You may want to say something that makes her break into a smile, such as ‘Hi, I’m John and I’m quite interested in the book that you are reading.’

3. Say good things about her to a common friend

If you share a common friend with your crush, use him/her to your advantage. Strategically convey good things about your crush to your common friend and let time take its course. That friend is bound to pass on your words to the girl you are interested in.

4. Offer her help

Women are known to like chivalrous men who open doors and pull chairs for them. If you find your crush carrying heavy weight, arguing at the counter of a store or having trouble with her computer, offer help and gain some brownie points.

5. Make small talk to her by judging what she likes

If you see that she has an iPhone, talk to her about interesting apps that you can help her download. If you overhear your crush taking a vet’s appointment on the phone, subtly start chatting about how much you love animals. The point is to act by observing and picking up insights about her to start engaging conversations.

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